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to VictoriasCreativeDesigns.com Interior Design & Home Decor Specializing in Fine Furnishings, Draperies, and Elegant Home Accessories.

With Award-Winning expertise, integrating architecture and design, Victoria's Creative Designs can begin with your home at the construction phase providing you with a look of elegance that is consistent throughout your entire home.

From architectural motifs to furniture selection and placement, Victoria will advise you on all facet's of your home's design.

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Victoria Rothermel

Victoria Rothermel was one
of the first to attend the Designing School of Las Vegas. After graduating in 1985, Victoria continued to branch out in the world of art, as she traveled throughout Europe into countries such as Italy and Spain. Victoria was determined to learn more about the Mediterranean world and its uniqueness in quality.

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Victoria Rothermel's Staff

I want to make everything as perfect as possible. I feel that, by experiencing each culture first-hand, I can make more accurate judgements as to what services I can give to each individual.

For almost a decade, Victoria has worked with her team of floral designers to create the most extravagant flower arrangements imaginable. "They are my finishing package," Victoria states, "without their professional assistance, there would be something special missing in each project."